Milestones and Memories

You are five months old (well, five and a half).

This month I was worried about so many things: Why aren’t you rolling over from your back to your belly?  Why aren’t you opening your hand and grasping items with more control?  Why in the hell are you STILL not sleeping? 🙂

However, so much has happened as the month went on.   You are now almost sitting up on your own (the doctor said you probably just skipped the milestone of rolling over from back to belly). Your ability to grab onto things has increased immensely and you almost have the action perfected.  You have started to eat real food!  So far you love rice cereal with breast milk, figs, pumpkin, bread and tonight you will have sweet potato.  You are getting better and better in the car, and love to look out the window.

Going on walks outside is a life-saver when you get fussy.  You will sit in the stroller and not make a sound the whole time as you stare at everything around you.  Your favorite thing to look at is the tops of the trees.  You also love going on the swing at the park.

I love your screaming when you talk. It makes me laugh.   The best is when I ask you a question and you reply with a high-pitched screech.

You are great, I just wish you would sleep.

Love you, Mom


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