Seven Months Old!

Hey there guy!  So much has changed since the last time I wrote about you.  You are now seven months old and cuter than ever!  You are doing much more and everyday you make your dad and I smile and laugh.  You now have six teeth!  Your four top ones all came in at the same time (which happened to be over Christmas).  You can sit up, but sometimes fall over.  You are eating three meals a day, and always want what mom and dad are eating.  Recently, you have become very opinionated when it comes to food. When you decide you don’t want something, or that you are full, you blow raspberries.  At first it was cute, now you are just being knotty and I think you kind of like spitting all over me.   You just started sleeping sooo much better.  Your dad and I can’t really believe it after seven months of keeping us up and wanting to party every hour to two hours.  I think that you are coming close to crawling, but have not started yet.  No words from your little mouth, but lots of smiles and grunts demanding what you want.   You had your first Christmas and went to the beach where you face planted in the sand (Dad got in big trouble!).  Pictures with Santa went pretty well, however you did projectile vomit all over the place afterwards, and almost hit Santa’s elf.  You keep us on our toes and want constant attention from us ALWAYS, but it’s ok because we love giving it to you.  I have a bad habit of using an ever-changing list of nicknames on you since you were born.

As of now, you have been called: Turkey, Turtle, Piggy, Gremlin, Bubby, Deano, Deany, Monkey, Mr. Dean

Best Friend:   Your dad.  You love when he come home and think that literally everything he does is funny

Favorite Food: Butter Nut squash

Favorite Activity:  Going on walks



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