Helpful Websites For New Parents


If you are like me and had (or have) 5,000 questions about everything to expect with your new baby, then this page may be a good starting point.  I know when my son was born I literally googled everything and spent a lot of time reading some very unhelpful things.  So far, this is what I have found to be the most beneficial. 

***Please be sure to add any websites that you have found helpful and I will check them out and then post them under an existing category, or create a new one.  Lets make life easy for one another and stop wasting time reading bad websites :)***

Pregnant And/Or Breastfeeding: – Pretty much everything is covered here from pregnancy to nursing and all the stages your child goes through.  A great website to tag and keep forever. – La Leche League’s mission is to help mothers worldwide to breastfeed through mother-to-mother support, encouragement, information, and education, and to promote a better understanding of breastfeeding as an important element in the healthy development of the baby and mother.

Timeline of a breast-fed baby–  This is one that I frequent every month.  Awesome way to see what your baby “should” be doing each month.

Biting While Nursing (kelly mom)–  Helpful hints on if and when your baby decides to bite while nursing

Biting While Nursing (Leche League)–  More tips on baby biting while nursing

Baby Milestones:

Timeline of a breast-fed baby– This is one that I frequent every month.  Awesome way to see what your baby “should” be doing each month.

Denver Research Based Milestones– This one was recommended to me by a nurse.  Initially it looks overwhelming, but take two minutes to look at it and you will be amazed.  From motor skills to language development, this website’s timeline is a more clinical way to see developmental expectations.

From Milk To Food:

Making your own Babyfood–  Pretty easy and saves lots of mula!


The Ferber/Cry It Out Method–  Step by step directions on sleep training written from the perspective of a mom.   Sets up the first seven days and lets you know pretty much everything to expect with the process.

Breaking frequent night feeding or the pacifier–  I used this method in trying to break the pacifier at night since I was having to go in and put it back in his mouth quite often.  It works, but you have to be diligent!

Zippadee-zip swaddle transitions–  If your little one has been in a swaddle and you feel like it is time to start transitioning out then this is what you need.  Awesome at giving them some freedom, but still helps your babe feel snug.

Baby Attachment:

Baby Attachment– Brief explanation on why it is important for your child to form connections and have some separation anxiety.

Tips For Separation Anxiety–  Kelly mom’s tips on how to handle separation anxiety with your little one.

Working Out Post Baby:

Tracy Anderson Post Baby Work Out–  Great workout  once you have been cleared by your doctor to exercise.

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