Separation Anxiety Equals LOVE?


It is the season of love.  Stores are filled with chocolate hearts, roses are sold at prices competitive with gold, millions of men are guilted into buying their significant other another insignificant gift, and my son has become obsessed with me.

This February I have an entirely fresh perspective on love because it will be the first Valentines Day that I celebrate with my little stalker: the one who stares at me wherever I go, watches my every move, and wants me so badly it brings him to tears.  That’s right, my baby has begun to have separation anxiety (attachment theory explained) and I am monopolizing on it. It started with him beginning to reach out for me for the first time (or at least the lady who works at the YMCA.)  I was dropping him off at my gym daycare and was holding him when low and behold his YMCA teacher reached out to grab him and the little stinker reciprocated!   Within the next couple of days he started doing it with me, and life was never the same.

A month prior to my sons love fest, I was worried that he may skip this phase in his life.  He really could have cared less about me and was as happy in a stranger’s arms as he was in mine.   As the tables have turned on me, I am now chained to my baby and seem only able to sneak away when I have tricked him into playing a game of peak-a-boo, which lasts about as long as it takes me to pee (tips for separation anxiety).  He literally can not get enough of me and as demanding as it is, I have to admit that it is also pretty freaking awesome!  I don’t think anyone has ever wanted me around as much as he does. In fact, I know this.

So this Valentines Day I am presuming that my sons separation anxiety is just his way of telling me he loves me and is thankful for all the sleepless nights, poopy diapers and spit up that I have endured thus far from him.  He thinks I am the best thing in the world, and I will take it.   Having a baby can have some pretty sucky moments, but for me this is not one of them.  🙂

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