9 Months!

Deany, Deany, Jellybeany!  You are nine months old!  At eight months you started reaching out for me, and it was the best thing in the WHOLE world.  This week you started to crawl backwards and it is so stinking cute because it makes you very angry that you only get farther and farther from your goal destination.  ALL you want to do is stand and my back has a permanent ache in it from this. You give me kisses and make sure you turn my face so that your slobbery mouth is directly on mine (and I love it).  Your dad is still your BFF.  When he comes home, you light up and start laughing immediately.  Recently, you have decided to start sleeping on your right side, and this weekend we will have to put the crib down since you have started to explore in there as well.  You love being outside and staring at the sky and trees.  You have begun talking like Shakespeare, standing and holding one arm out as you look at it and babble on.  “Monkey” is the nickname of choice this month.  For your nine month appointment we found out that you have made it to the 75th percentile (I love your leg rolls).  Mommy already lets you get away with more nonsense than I should, but I can’t help it.

Favorite Food:  By far pasta

Also like:  Spinach, broccoli, and bread

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