10 Months Old!

Hello there my love!  You are 10 months old (well 10 and a half)  and are on the go like a crazy man.  You finally figured out how to crawl forwards and not just backwards, you pull yourself up to standing on just about any wall, door, cabinet, etc. The kitchen drawers have become your rock wall, and the benches your jungle gym.   You have way more stability and I am not as afraid of you falling and cracking your head on the floor.  When we ask for kisses you grace us with one (about half the time).  The other day you taught me a lesson in not asking for too many kisses, as I thought you were coming in for a sweet one, but instead decided to bite me!  You are opinionated to say the least, and although you are not speaking, you make your desires quite clear.  Yesterday, while grocery shopping you threw an all out tantrum when you had consumed the sample of cupcake and realized there was no more in my hand.  Your head was thrown back, tears came down, and the screaming ensued.  I laughed while hurriedly trying to find the sample lady to get you more.  You love to play outside, especially with the hose and think you are such a big boy when you ride in your wagon, very careful to hold on with one hand.  I don’t think there are many ten month old babies who are as stubborn as you.  Your will is stronger than mine, and that is saying a lot.  You make me laugh out loud all day long, and I can not imagine missing even a second of your craziness.  I know now that staying at home with you was most definitely the right decision.

Favorite foods:  Risotto, pasta with oil, bread, desserts, basically anything with no nutritional value that is a carb

Refuse:  To eat any kind of fruit (unless its baby food), to quit trying to stand up in the bathtub, to stop attempting to touch the electronics under the TV, to stop trying to suck on the hose head

Favorite person:  So happy to finally say you have switched from dad to me

Favorite thing to do:  Be outside doing pretty much anything, but you really love your new wagon and that darn hose.




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