A year and a half- 20 months to be exact

Today you are exactly 20 months and four days old.  You are amazing.  You have decided that you can now go potty on the toilet and have been mostly successful.  Your language development has sky-rocketed over the  last month and you attempt to say tons of words, but can say the word NO crystal clear.  You are so gentle with babies.  Love to be around other children and admire your cousins so much.  You become instantly giddy when your dad comes home, but are truly a mama’s boy and would be attached to my hip at all times if allowed.

Your favorite foods are:

  • All snacks, but especially Goldfish
  • Pasta
  • Cream of Wheat- you have been eating this for breakfast everyday for about a year now
  • Yogurt

Your favorite toys are:

  • Trains and anything that you can turn into a train- a rock being pushed along, your mamma and dad being forced to walk single file and make train sounds, ANYTHING resembling trains!
  • Books-  you will sit and look at the pages in a book for extended periods of time, but don’t want me to read to you very often.
  • Cars- Toy cars, but especially real cars!  You love to get in the car with dad, or anyone who has come for a visit.  You push all the buttons you can find, open and close the garage a million times, and move from seat to seat.  Your favorite is getting to drive the car with dad up the street.
  • Your Kitchen-  When Mamma cooks, you cook.  You are so sweet and love to share your food as you cook.  You make-believe all the time in your kitchen and taste everything you make.
  • Crawling in small spots-  This is not a toy , but a favorite thing to do.  You love to go in the cabinet of the desk, in the shower, in closets, and recently your new teepee.

You are such an incredibly sensitive and intelligent child.  I couldn’t have even dreamed you up if I tried.  Everything about you is awesome; the good and the bad.  We are blessed to have you and I can not wait to see what the next 20 months have in store for us all.


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