Baby Girl, Little Sister


Dear Baby Girl,

I want to begin by letting you know that we are super pumped to meet you so please disregard anything I say after you are born that may be less than kind.  I know we are about to go through a lot together, and I apologize in advance for all the mistakes I am going to make.  Hopefully I got most of them out on your brother.

You should be out very soon, and everything is mostly ready.  Please sleep well.  Please eat well.  Please be a happy baby.  I have two weeks until your official due date, but I think you may come sooner.

I hope that you will have a happy life.  That you will love God, your mama and dad, your big brother, and all those that you encounter in-between.  I hope that you will know that no matter what you face, you will always have an envelope of love with your family.  I hope that your life will be nothing short of perfect and that you will find happiness in everything you do, no matter how little or big, important, or seemingly unimportant.  I want you to know that although it is easier to beat yourself up and think that there is always “more” and that you are never reaching your “potential,”  that life’s happiness is found within.  It is not measured or felt more deeply by what you “accomplish,” or how you compare to others, but comes from each person’s individual outlook on life.  I hope that you will choose to be happy and find satisfaction in all that you do.

Thank you for being here.  I can not imagine loving a child as much as I love your brother, but I know that it will happen, and how lucky I am for it. I will soon have two times the love I have right now,  and can’t wait.

May God Bless You Always,

Love, Mama

One thought on “Baby Girl, Little Sister

  1. So many wonderful moments are ahead of you. Cherish each experience and know how very blessed both you and your husband and your children are.


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