30 Months of Insanity!

Mr. Man,

You are surely the boss right now.  Your father and I are attempting to reverse roles with you, but it is a tricky effort.  You have adjusted to having a sister amazingly!  You love her as much, if not more than we do, and it is the sweetest thing to see the two of you together.  You like to “touch” (poke) the baby and say “aww so cute, little, tiny” and you always ask if you can “touch baby now?”  Having a sister is easy for you, sharing mama is a whole other story.  Splitting your time with me has been difficult. I believe most two year olds are not very patient, and you are definitely in the “most” category.  Waiting on mama to:  play, get your food, snacks, go outside, hold you, etc. has been a challenging learning experience for you, and in truth me as well.  It is a struggle between what we both may want, and what one person is capable of.   All I can say is that sissy is getting second fiddle right now as we learn how to manage our new life.

You are obsessed with Paw Patrol, love to play cars, have so much fun outside and enjoy crafts.  You go to school several days a week, and have a great time there.  Your favorite food is French Fries.  You still love your binkys and mama remains number one (whoot, whoot!!!!)

We love you tons and tons, and are looking forward to watching you grow and learn everyday.

Ne-Ne Sweet Boy,


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