Little Mama! 2 Months!

Little Mama,

You are the sweetest, sweet, sweet! Your dad and I could have never imagined loving another child as much as we do you, and we can not get enough of you!  You are so precious. You smile when we talk to you, and your eyes literally light up.   You are a champion sleeper (which is really wonderful) and you only cry when you are hungry, or tired.    You have helped your father and I realize that we were not the cause of your brother’s “high-maintenance” qualities, as your temperament is completely different from his and we are doing all the same things.

You are only two months old so not doing much, but the little you do is wonderful!  Keep up the good work little mama.

You seem to love:

  • when we talk to you
  • eating
  • sleeping

You seem to not like:

  • being cold
  • being alone (you do the saddest frowny face when you think we have left you)


Looking forward to a lifetime with you.

All my love,


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