3 Years Old!

My goodness kid, where did the time go…and I mean it has gone by sooooooo quickly.  This year, I am a little sad.  You are not a baby anymore, in fact you remind me of this every time I even think of uttering the word.  You are growing too fast.  Tomorrow is your last day of two year old school and for some reason I want to cry.  I don’t know if it is because I LOVE your teachers, and they will no longer be a major part of your life, or  that you are simply growing before my eyes.  I want to hang on to every moment, and I can’t.

You are such a big boy.  You are really into dinosaurs. You love to swim, play outside, and play with any and all children.  You are the sweetest.  Your sister is in love with you, and you can’t get enough of her either.  Making her laugh may be one of your favorite things to do.  You sprint around the house stomping your feet, and when you get to her she becomes hysterical.  You are very sensitive, and silly, and always try to make people smile.  You won’t do anything for me unless I count to three and attach a threat to the end of it, but you almost always do what I’m asking with a big grin on your face by the time I get to three.

You are venturing out into new food territory all the time, and you actually like broccoli and zucchini pasta.  Your favorite food is chips and you love ice-cream and popsicles.

Every night your father and I talk about the adorable things you did and we always end with how much we love you!  You are truly our sunshine.  Happy Birthday Big Guy!

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