August Rose Is One Year Old!

My sweet sweet girl,

One year has passed and we have loved every single minute of it.  You are affectionate, and silly and want to do everything your big brother does.  You love to eat, can’t get enough of your stuffed blanket you sleep with, are happy all the time except close to bed time, and get ready every morning with your daddy and I (which mostly includes you sitting on our bathroom counter holding our tooth brushes.)

We adore you.  Your father wants to hold you and gobble all of your snuggles.  Your brother wants to squeeze you every second until you are crying.  And I simply want to cherish each moment with you and never let myself forget one instant.  You are growing twice as fast as my mind can keep up with and I know I am not able to hold on to so many of these sweet memories.

I love you.  I love watching your daddy and your brother love you.  And I love watching you grow before my very eyes.  I am beyond blessed to have the opportunity to raise you as my daughter.  Thank you.  I truly wish I could freeze time, but also can not wait to see what each day has in store for you.


All my love forever, Mama

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