August 2.11.28

Wow! I almost missed it! I was supposed to write this when you turned two and now you are almost 3! Time flies, and you are something…a real pistol, fire-cracker, sweetie-pie, monster, brother antagonizer, giggler, mama shadow, and so, so, so much more.

Your year of two was great. This was the year that you transformed from a baby into a toddler. Your big curls turned to tiny little curls. You took your first trip to Sea World, and you went on your first cruise. We found out you get car sick (yay!) and you love face painting, and all makeup. You eat pretty much anything, and will try everything. Two-year old school was not something you loved, and man did you hold strong to the dislike. Being naked is your jam. Baby Shark was your favorite thing and learning from your brother was and is your top priority.

You are a great daughter and sister and truly make our family feel complete. I don’t know what Dean would do without you.

You are a strong child and I hope that you will always know the power you have inside of you. God made you very different from your brother and the two of you are a perfect fit for a lifetime together. I am truly blessed to be your mother and have the opportunity to help shape you into the woman you are going to be. You are amazing. I mean this now and in the present and future. YOU ARE ALREADY AMAZING, just as you are. Remember this always.

I love you and look forward to your future and being a bystander in witnessing all the life you pour into this world.

Love and smooches and hugs forever,


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