Dean You Are 5!

Deano Beano!  How are you five years old?  You are amazing.  The sweetest, kindest, most sensitive, loving, affectionate, little smooch!  I would say you were a breeze, but that would be a complete an utter lie.

“Remember that first year where Dean literally didn’t sleep?”  Aunt Mi-Mi just asked me, “YUP!” I replied.  However, this year has been so different from every other year.

This year, I was able to observe the most loving relationship I have ever witnessed  develop between you and your sister. As you grew you both decided to have each others backs.  You are a wonderful big brother and we are so proud of how you love and care for your sister.

This year is the first time we have had to celebrate your birthday with fewer hugs from some family members.  With no friends from school.  With no school at all…and man you are a trooper.

This year we had to see many doctors.  Too many doctors.  We have analyzed and over analyzed everything that could possibly hurt you and are frequently reminded that it is all in God’s Hands.

This year I heard the phrase “You are my favorite person” more than I could even imagine.  I am not sure there are better words to hear.

This is the year I watched you develop from my little baby boy into just my little boy.  You are a gem.  You are my world.  I love you forever.

Thank you for this year.

Love (ne-ne), Mama

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