How could you be 6?

My son, my sweet, sweet boy

Happy Birthday! In three days you will be six. This date means so much to you, but in reality it means even more to me. Your birthday is more then presents and cake and beautiful surprises that put a smile on your face all day long, it is THE DAY YOU WERE BORN! I know it’s obvious, but before this date there never was a you. A child that has more love inside of them than any other person I have ever met. A boy who feels every little emotion in the world around them. A young man who still wants to snuggle in the morning and have me hold him.

There never was a kiddo that played the entire soccer game smiling like a dog with his head out the window of a car. From the beginning, all the way to the end. Win, or lose.

There never was a brother whose main goal in life was to torment, OR love, kiss, and hug his sister. You would prefer the latter but will settle with the former.

There never was a son I wanted to keep home so much. Next year you will go to school for the first time. We homeschooled this year and being with you everyday all day has been so difficult, but also the best thing in the world. I really don’t know how I am supposed to send you to school next year. You will do great undoubtedly. I will not.

There never was a wild child so determined for life. You love climbing on anything, even if it’s a human. You love swimming, video games, Pokemon and your entire extended family so very much. You would eat pizza, and biscuits everyday and are still a picky little eater. You know more about the most random things than anyone I know and are always yearning for more.

And most importantly, before your birth there never was a baby that was mine. You are my world.

Now you are six. I know your day will be great, but more importantly I hope you will always know that you have made our days great. Everyday. You are the kid with all the love to give and we are all abundantly blessed because of it.

Happy Birthday!


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