My BIG girl August is Tres.

Dear Augie, Little mama, Muffy, Mufalata,

You are three! Well actually 3.7. One of these days I will be on time. I can not believe how fast you are growing. You are super tall (almost the size of your brother) and super smart. You are a total trip. Funny, crazy, girly, sweet, sassy. You really never know what side you will get with you, but you always keep us wanting more.

You make your brother laugh hysterically at your day to day shenanigans and he loves nothing more than stealing your very precious BB and having you chase him around the house to get it back. The two of you are a perfect compliment to each other.

We love your squishy belly. We love your insane personality. We love your crazy awesome hair. We love how you want to have dance parties and also be part of the band at the same time. We love how girly-whirly you are, but also so, so tough.

You love superman. You love squeakers- your tiny little seal pup that we lose 37 times a day. You love Elsa- I believe we have seen Frozen 253 times. You love music and singing, and one on one time more than anything. You love, love, love swimming, pasta with pesto and anything and everything with sugar in it.

You are still and always will be my baby, but you are so independent. I love how you do not ask for help when you meet trials, but simply and determinedly give your greatest attempt at accomplishment. You are incredibly intelligent and observant. I believe you will always hold these characteristics. You tell me that you will always be my baby, even when you are old and a big girl, and I could imagine nothing greater in this life than continuing to have your love.

Your life has made my life full, our whole family at that.

We look forward to the wild ride we know you will forever hold us to.

Love forever, Mama

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