My Tiniest Baby is 4 Years Old

Dressing up, rubbery ducky and all.

It is the beginning of October and your big day has FINALLY arrived. You are 14 years old…I mean 4 years old. You have been looking forward to this day for so long and we celebrated in three different ways. First, it was fall break and we got to go to go back to Naples. There, you had the whole family to celebrate with and you loved every minute. When we got back home to Tennessee, your Nana and Pops were waiting for you. We celebrated once again with them at hibachi! Lastly, we had your big birthday party at the park here with all your classmates.

It is hard to believe that 4 years has passed by. You are amazing and hilarious and so smart. Your father and I cannot believe the things that come out of your mouth (in all the best ways) and the things you dream up and plan.

You have decided that you want to be a performer and an artist. You dream to be a singer on a stage. I would say you will win an Oscar one day as you really are a dramatic in every way. You love singing, dancing, dressing up, and playing pretend. You don’t really play with toys, but you do spend countless hours making things. Anything. You will make things out of grass, cardboard, garbage, strings, whatever you may find. You want to craft at any given moment.

Your favorite food is French fries. Your favorite thing is your BB- blanket. You and your brother remain to be best friends. You argue and fuss but in the end you both love one another’s company more than anyone else. This year you started dance and piano. Piano is not your favorite, but you are driven by your love to perform, and tell us how you will play the piano and sing one day.

You will have a new baby sister next year, and I think it will be a difficult transition, but your love for all things tiny gives me hope.

I love your feisty, wild spirit. I love your crazy beautiful curly hair. I love your passion and commitment to dressing up and truly living the character . I love everything about you. You are going to grow up an empowered, strong, intelligent and beautiful girl, of this I have no doubt. You will do great things and however seemingly insignificant or grand those things may be makes no difference. They will be great things because you will love doing them. Remember joy is found within and not through other people’s expectations of perceived happiness.

I love you so much my unique, crazy, and hilarious child. Happy Fourth Birthday!

Love, Mama

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