To, my baby.

Harper, you are finally here.


6pds.13 oz.

20 inches

Born at 9:58 PM.

We have been waiting for you. When you were in my stomach and growing your brother would rub my tummy and tell me how excited he was to meet you. How he couldn’t take waiting one more day. And how he already knew how cute you were. He was in love before you were even born. We all were.

Your arrival was a miracle. Truly. God was watching over and in charge of every step, no doubt. You were not due until January 26th. , almost 3 weeks later then your arrival. The week before you showed up I would wake up panicked that my water had broken, and there was no one to watch your brother and sister. I started praying nightly for multiple things. First, that you would come during the day. Second, that we would be able to get someone to rush over here to watch your siblings. Third, that I would be able to handle the pain and that the delivery would be smooth. Every one of these prayers came to fruition.

The day before your birthday, there was a terrible snow storm here. We had no family living nearby and all of the circumstances were worrying me. A major fear was not being able to drive through the storm and get to the hospital on time. When I woke up on this morning, I did not feel right. As snow was pouring out of the sky I called your grandmother. “I think you should come, I feel like she is going to be coming soon,” I told her (despite the logic that I still had three more weeks until your sue date). Grandma jumped into action. “OK, Im getting in the car now!” She drove through the snow storm and five hours later she arrived in TN from NC.

The following morning, I really was not feeling well. I just felt “off” and was bleeding a little. The doctor’s office was closed because of all the snow on the ground, but they were answering questions over the phone. The date was January 7th, your birthday. Of course the on call doctors had no idea if I was in labor or not, and suggested I wait it out. Finally, I got a hold of my doctor. After speaking with her, she suggested that I could be going into labor if in fact I felt “that bad,” but I wouldn’t know unless I went to the hospital. On that note, me and your dad headed to the hospital. It was 9:00am. We took our time, as I was not having any regular contractions. Prayer two answered as we drove through the sunshine and snow in the morning light.

At the hospital they checked me and SURPRISE! My water had broken! I was staying, and you were coming! No contractions, no pain whatsoever. They admitted me, and a few hours later I was getting my epidural, still not experiencing any pain. Prayer three answered.

You wanted to come, but were also in no hurry. We sat and waited all day long. Finally, the evening nurse realized that my water had not fully broken. Around 8pm she broke the rest of my water and things moved quickly. I pushed a total of 16 times, 4 pushes for 4 contractions, and there you were. On the final push I was so exhausted I looked up not realizing you were out. The doctor shouted “Look, Look!” and then I saw you. My sweet Harper. They handed you to me, and just like that our family of four was now five. Complete.

Your whole family is eager to watch you grow. You will be surrounded by love always. Your arrival was a miracle and we are blessed to have you as our baby, sister, granddaughter, niece, cousin, and just a part of our lives. We love you Harper Quinn Davis. Happy Birthday.

Love, Mama

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