Big Guy Is 7!

Dean! You are growing! Stop it! You are a big guy now. I can’t even call you a big boy because that does not encompass your true age. This year has been a year of so much growth. You started school for the very first time and although you asked me to homeschool you everyday, you made it through it. We made it through it. There were lots of “hooky” days and early pick-ups. Maybe even a letter of truancy sent to momma, but we made it. Through the hot summer, nice fall, freezing winter with dark early dinners and cold spring you navigated this year like a champ. You did not complain about the snow and cold and actually seemed to enjoy it. However, summer was undoubtedly your favorite. San Diego, North Carolina, and St. Augustine. You had a wonderful few months.

This past January you met your baby sister for the very first time. You and August could not wait. Every single night you would tell me, “I just want to see her mom”. She is eight months old now and you are still deeply in love. A great big brother to both of your sisters. I’m truly not sure if there is anything in this life that brings me greater joy than seeing you show so much love to Harper and when you and August are playing and giggling like best friends. Just last night you were swimming with August for hours. Into the dark night, the two of you were smitten with one another. We are a lucky family to be surrounded with so much love.

This was the year of the Pokemon. You and your Mi Mi would catch them, attempting to “catch them all,” and if you weren’t catching them then you were watching them on the T V show. I think you have watched all 50,000 episodes of Pokemon. You were Ash for Halloween and I was a very pregnant Poke ball.

For your birthday you got a ton more Pokemon figurines and cards. Unfortunately, it seems the very day you received every last Pokemon figurine ever made, you started to be over playing with them. This year you became the master of figurine sound effects. The blasts and booms and fighting noises that you are able to make are astonishing. I have videoed this magic many times, hoping to never forget these wild sound effects.

You have made some great friends on our street and love hanging out with them. You joined cub scouts and went camping for the first time in your life. The day you had to pack up from camping you cried. Being outside in a tent with your dad and playing all day brings you great joy.

Becoming yourself was a bit of a struggle for you in first grade. Being confident in who you are and learning that you are awesome has been challenging, but by the end of the year we could see how you had begun to overcome this.

Dean we are so incredibly proud of the young boy you have become. Watching you grow. Chatting about your day. Seeing you with your sisters. Laying in bed with you at night. Just simply being with you are some of my favorite moments in my day. I am so lucky that God gave me you as my son. Thank you for being you.

Nene, Mamma

Favorite toys: Nintendo Switch, iPad (roblox), Pokemon figurines, Pokemon Cards

Favorite thing to do: Play video games and go swimming

Favorite foods: Pizza, Brisket, Biscuits

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