10 Months Old!

Hello there my love!  You are 10 months old (well 10 and a half)  and are on the go like a crazy man.  You finally figured out how to crawl forwards and not just backwards, you pull yourself up to standing on just about any wall, door, cabinet, etc. The kitchen drawers have become your rock wall, and the … More 10 Months Old!

9 Months!

Deany, Deany, Jellybeany!  You are nine months old!  At eight months you started reaching out for me, and it was the best thing in the WHOLE world.  This week you started to crawl backwards and it is so stinking cute because it makes you very angry that you only get farther and farther from your goal … More 9 Months!

Seven Months Old!

Hey there guy!  So much has changed since the last time I wrote about you.  You are now seven months old and cuter than ever!  You are doing much more and everyday you make your dad and I smile and laugh.  You now have six teeth!  Your four top ones all came in at the … More Seven Months Old!