Dean You Are 5!

Deano Beano!  How are you five years old?  You are amazing.  The sweetest, kindest, most sensitive, loving, affectionate, little smooch!  I would say you were a breeze, but that would be a complete an utter lie. “Remember that first year where Dean literally didn’t sleep?”  Aunt Mi-Mi just asked me, “YUP!” I replied.  However, this … More Dean You Are 5!

Being A Mom Sucks

Being a mom is hands-down the best, most fulfilling job that I have ever had.  Being a mom, and hanging with my kids is great, it’s all the other details involved with being a mom that sucks.  It’s a lot.  The choices that a mother must make during the first few years of the their … More Being A Mom Sucks

Dean is 4

Hey big guy, I can not believe it has been four years!  You have exceeded your father and I’s expectations in every way. I do not know how I got so lucky to be picked as your mother, but I thank God for you daily.  Some days are tough, but this year as a whole … More Dean is 4