For My Daughter

My BIG girl August is Tres.

Dear Augie, Little mama, Muffy, Mufalata, You are three! Well actually 3.7. One of these days I will be on time. I can not believe how fast you are growing. You are super tall (almost the size of your brother) and super smart. You are a total trip. Funny, crazy, girly, sweet, sassy. You really … More My BIG girl August is Tres.

August 2.11.28

Wow! I almost missed it! I was supposed to write this when you turned two and now you are almost 3! Time flies, and you are something…a real pistol, fire-cracker, sweetie-pie, monster, brother antagonizer, giggler, mama shadow, and so, so, so much more. Your year of two was great. This was the year that you … More August 2.11.28

August Rose Is One Year Old!

My sweet sweet girl, One year has passed and we have loved every single minute of it.  You are affectionate, and silly and want to do everything your big brother does.  You love to eat, can’t get enough of your stuffed blanket you sleep with, are happy all the time except close to bed time, … More August Rose Is One Year Old!

Little Mama! 2 Months!

Little Mama, You are the sweetest, sweet, sweet! Your dad and I could have never imagined loving another child as much as we do you, and we can not get enough of you!  You are so precious. You smile when we talk to you, and your eyes literally light up.   You are a champion … More Little Mama! 2 Months!

Baby Girl, Little Sister

Dear Baby Girl, I want to begin by letting you know that we are super pumped to meet you so please disregard anything I say after you are born that may be less than kind.  I know we are about to go through a lot together, and I apologize in advance for all the mistakes … More Baby Girl, Little Sister