“Parenting” attempts

Being A Mom Sucks

Being a mom is hands-down the best, most fulfilling job that I have ever had.  Being a mom, and hanging with my kids is great, it’s all the other details involved with being a mom that sucks.  It’s a lot.  The choices that a mother must make during the first few years of the their … More Being A Mom Sucks

Boys Don’t Wear Pink

“You be the girl pup, and I will be the boy pup,”  my son says to me as he hands me over the toys we will be playing with.  “But what if I want to be the firefighter pup this time?”  I reply.  “No mama, you a girl.”   Lately, these discussions have been occurring more … More Boys Don’t Wear Pink

It Wasn’t Me And It Isn’t You

It wasn’t me and it isn’t you.  No, I’m not talking about winning the lottery, but rather the misconceived perception that a “difficult” baby is somehow a direct affect of parenting.  This has been a long lesson learned, one that was not actually realized until I had my second child. My first child was (and … More It Wasn’t Me And It Isn’t You

Potty Training Hell

I have heard it a million times, and just like almost everything regarding child-rearing, ignored it:  Potty training sucks!  It is the most disgusting, semi-humiliating, and simply terrible thing that a parent has to go through. … More Potty Training Hell

Capturing The “Moments”: Why I Have A Love/Hate Relationship With Pictures

It’s a Monday Morning.  Sunlight is shining in through the window and hitting the plump, rosy cheek of my little monster.  He is sitting in his new, bright red, plastic “cozy  coup” car which he strategically placed directly in front of the TV.  His chubby little toes are propped onto the steering wheel and he is leaning back.  He is wearing … More Capturing The “Moments”: Why I Have A Love/Hate Relationship With Pictures

If You’re Unhappy Do Something About It

“It’s a disaster, an embarrassment, a shame to our entire country.”  “We should be proud. Change is good.  No more of the same”  Our politics are a mess, but no matter where your viewpoint on political issues may stand, it is finally time that we own up to our responsibility in this world. As a previous teacher I would occasionally hold conferences … More If You’re Unhappy Do Something About It

It Will Never Be 50/50

I hate it.  The idea of unequal roles irritates me to no end.  Two years ago I would never have believed that it would come to this. The work load with my son will never be equally shared between my husband and I, and although I wish it weren’t true, I have finally come to terms with it.  … More It Will Never Be 50/50

The Silent Treatment: Three Reasons Why I No Longer Answer Obvious Questions.

Growing up I would often babble on and on about whatever new nonsense popped into my mind and my father would occasionally remind me of the age old phrase “Silence is golden.”  As an adult I am finally understanding the capacity of this phrase in regards to remaining happily married. Let me set the stage for you.  I am feeding the baby … More The Silent Treatment: Three Reasons Why I No Longer Answer Obvious Questions.

Growing Up: Ted Radio Hour

Driving home from Orlando yesterday I listened to the most enlightening Ted Talk on why parenting can be so difficult.  If you have ever been stressed out of your mind as a parent, don’t fret you are perfectly normal. So what’s harder for you, being a parent or doing your day-job?   How does the … More Growing Up: Ted Radio Hour

6 Tips To Stop Nursing

For many people nursing has been the focus of their life for such a long time that the idea of quitting seems a bit daunting.  Like any new thing, you may be dreading the day, or perhaps you are skipping around the house doing cartwheels in giddy anticipation of what is to come. Either way you have decided you will … More 6 Tips To Stop Nursing

No Thanks

Mom. The one who takes all our crap.  The person we feel ok lighting into, and then cry to when upset.  The woman who can never do anything right, but also loves us the most.  The one who will always help us, even when they think what we are doing is wrong. All of the hard work … More No Thanks

Dear Rushed Mom

Dear Rushed Mom, I get it!  Mama got people to see and places to go.  I understand the sense of urgency that you hold in everything you do.  I completely sympathize with your feelings of being rushed throughout your tasks, all the while having a child on your hip.  As a stay at home mama, I … More Dear Rushed Mom

The Great Vacation Debate- Chidless or Childwith

  Entering the realm of childless to childwith, I have discovered that in addition to every single aspect of my life changing due to my new little bundle of joy, vacations are not exempt from being completely and utterly different henceforward.  The way I understand it, parents have the option of bringing their child(ren) with them and accepting the early bedtimes, frequent naps that hold you prisoner to your room, … More The Great Vacation Debate- Chidless or Childwith

Make This World A Better Place

  It was an unusually beautiful Sunday afternoon.  My husband, son and I had just finished lunch and were walking around a local park.  As I was holding my son while he splashed in the fountain, I noticed a young man in a jacket fit for a winter storm walk past us.  Not thinking anything other than “why … More Make This World A Better Place

I am bored and it’s OK

It is the early afternoon and my eye catches the clock, “Only 2pm,”  I think to myself.  “4 or 5 more hours until my husband comes home, and I have nothing left to do.”  I may be the only mother (of one child) in the world who feels this way, or maybe I’m just the only … More I am bored and it’s OK

Separation Anxiety Equals LOVE?

It is the season of love.  Stores are filled with chocolate hearts, roses are sold at prices competitive with gold, millions of men are guilted into buying their significant other another insignificant gift, and my son has become obsessed with me. This February I have an entirely fresh perspective on love because it will be the first Valentines Day … More Separation Anxiety Equals LOVE?

Wasted Worries

I am a type A, no nonsense, want to get things done and get them done quickly kind of girl.  I almost never procrastinate, have a hard time when people don’t get to the point of their stories, am always moving, and think it is safe to say,  am also a control freak. Having a … More Wasted Worries

Kill Me Now! The Ferber Or Cry It Out Method! Part One

We are six months into mommy-hood, and unfortunately my sweet baby boy is not even close to sleeping through the night! I have literally tried everything humanly possible to get him to sleep for longer periods, (swaddled, un-swaddled, stuffed to maximum capacity with three or more feedings in a row, solid food, less naps, standing on my … More Kill Me Now! The Ferber Or Cry It Out Method! Part One


According to Webster’s Dictionary, the definition of the word ‘thankful’ is to be glad that something has happened, or not happened, that something or someone exists, etc. I have so much to be thankful for, but rather than explain, I’m pretty sure this video says it all. In honor of  Thanksgiving I encourage you to post what … More Thankful

My Child Is Not A Refugee

My child is not a refugee. A blanket hangs on the side of his crib in decoration.  The bottom drawer of his dresser holds four blankets.  The table next to his rocking chair has never been used to place anything needing to be set down, only pretty accessories.  Tonight alone I fed him three times.  … More My Child Is Not A Refugee

Biting: Did I Birth A Pitbull?

At three and a half months old my child began to act a little out of the ordinary.  The fussing seemed to increase two-fold, all he wanted to do was eat, and the drooling was uncontrollable.  Finally, one day in the bathtub I noticed something.  A little white spot on his bottom gum was starting to … More Biting: Did I Birth A Pitbull?

Being a mom

When I first became pregnant I must admit that I was completely disillusioned as to what motherhood really looked like. I assumed that my child would be relatively easy; that he would wake up occasionally and spend most of the day napping. I believed that nursing may be difficult for others, but it would NOT … More Being a mom