Work It Out!

Like all humans on the face of this earth, finding the time to workout may not be number one on your to-do list (or number 100), but as we all know it is a necessary evil that we all should endure sooner or later. Time is valuable, and once you have children this valuable commodity seems to diminish even further.  When I had my son, I decided I would start exercising as soon as the doctor cleared me.  Scouring the internet for a workout that would be mildly challenging, long enough, quiet (#damn nap time #first child), and full body, I came across Tracy Anderson’s post-pregnancy workout.  Do not be mistaken, this is a darn hard workout  ( I am quite certain my husband could not complete it), but to this day (9 months post baby) when I am short on time I will turn it on and feel like I really worked.  With such little time in the day why waste any of it searching for an exercise video you like.  The work is done for you. Enjoy!

Click For Tracy Anderson Post Baby Workout!


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